Purdue eCare - The biggest scumbags on the net

San Juan Capistrano, California 3 comments
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purdue-ecare.com is a complete fraud.they took my money and never shipped the package.

also they dont answer my calls. they did once and i told them who they were and they hung up on me. i am in the process to tracing down who the phone number is billed to and then i am going to turn it in to the police.

please do not order anything from this company as they meerly take your funds and avoid your calls.they ripped me off for 230 dollars plus the western union fee of 10 dollars.please try and expose these thiev4es.

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hi best and trustead pharmacy i really apreceate with best services thank,s


hi i have satisfy with your company this is really fast thank,s




Purdue eCare - Stole $270 from me at www.purdue-ecare.com RIPOFF

Catskill, New York 0 comments
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i found this website(WWW.purdue-ecare.com)on line and thought it was legit since there were no reviews or bad reviews on (WWW.purdue-ecare.com) it i figured i would give it a try.since i don't have any medical insurance and need my meds i put my trust into these people and got ripped.

one of the reasons i thought it was legit is because every time i called the customer service line which was about ten times someone always picked up and answered any of my questions i had and was able to pull my info off the web site, that i put in for my order, the Indian that talked to me really made me believe that it was a good site all he could keep saying was no worries, no worries, no worries so i figured it was OK. As soon as i transferred the money via money-gram and called back the guy took my 8 digit number that he needed for the transfer and told me to call back tomorrow so they could pack it and get it sent out and he would give me the package tracking number when i called back. so *** me was like ok thanks alot and when i woke up the next day i called and it was busy so i waited and called back a million times.

so the line never rang again from my number so i used a friends phone and it rang 3 times and went to a voice message so i left a message acting like a new customer from a bunch of different numbers and no one ever called back.they must not pick up from that area code after they take someones money from there.so please don't make the same mistake as me and order from this site their a bunch of ***, *** artist, piece of *** so DONT ORDER ANYTHING FROM WWW.PURDUE-ECARE.COM

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